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Although I’m often accused of being affiliated with one of the big tobacco companies, the truth is I am just another overtaxed American citizen who happens to also be a smoker.

I am a concerned American Christian citizen who is fed up with intrusive government, manipulation by an unjust system of taxation, and an apathetic American populace duped by the liberal socialist lies of the mainstream media and cultural elites.

Clearly, most Americans don’t realize what is at stake here and perhaps many of them don’t care. However, anyone who values individual rights should unequivocally denounce this massive expansion of government power. It makes no difference whether you smoke or not. The fundamental issue is whether you are free to live as you choose, or are forced to live as the state commands.

We do still live in a democratic and capitalistic society and I support the the tobacco industry who has the same right as you to operate a legal business and make a profit from that business. Sadly, in the past several decades, there has been a concerted effort to move America from its capitalistic roots to one of Socialism. It is, I believe, this Socialist movement that fuels much of the conflict today with the tobacco industry. And, it is this socialistic move of America that I resist.

I’m not saying that smoking does not cause some illnesses, as smoking like many other things, clearly is responsible for some. It may be that smoking has a contributing effect, but it is equally clear there are other factors involved in whether an individual contracts an illness from smoking cigarettes. In truth, smokers die from the same causes as non-smokers.

Unless freedom-loving, law-abiding citizens of America begin stand up and demand truth and accountability from its political and cultural leaders this country will cease to be the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free.

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