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More States Voting for Higher Tobacco Taxes

Four states will vote on whether to raise their tobacco tax in November: California (by $2), Colorado ($1.75), North Dakota ($1.76) and Missouri (15 cents). California currently has one of the lowest cigarette taxes in the country: 87 cents per pack. If California voters pass Proposition 56 in November, the tax would go up to $2.87 a pack. Colorado citizens will vote on the Colorado Tobacco Tax Increase, also known as Amendment 72, which has been designed to triple taxes on cigarette packets. The current tax rate on cigarettes is 84 cents per packet, but the amendment would increase the tax to $1.75 per pack of 20.

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FDA Declares War on Vaping

The FDA has decided to enforce unfair regulations on vaping gear which will, in turn, affect the industry as a whole.

While it may be necessary to regulate electronic cigarettes to guarantee user’s safety, however, the upcoming FDA regulations are wildly disproportionate to the need to keep users safe and are abusive to the industry.

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California Assembly votes to raise smoking age and regulate e-cigarettes

The state Assembly in Sacramento California approved a package of tobacco-control bills that would regulate the manufacture and sale of electronic cigarettes and make California the nation’s second state to increase the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. The lawmakers also approved bills that would allow counties to enact local cigarette taxes, close loopholes in existing smoke-free workplace laws and require that all K-12 schools be tobacco-free. [San Jose Mercury News]

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Rising Taxes

New Taxes for Smokers Keep on Coming

All across the nation, states continue to chase after much-need revenue by taxing smokers.

Three-and-a-half years after California voters rejected a $1-per-pack increase in the state’s cigarette tax, Big Tobacco and health advocates are preparing to duke it out once again over a proposed $2-per-pack hike likely to appear on next November’s ballot. Proponents want not only to hike taxes on regular cigarettes but also by imposing for the first time taxes on electronic cigarettes. The proposed “California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016” would:Increase the state’s cigarette tax by $2 per pack, with an equivalent increase on other tobacco products and electronic cigarettes. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office and state Finance Department estimate the tax hike would bring in $1.1 billion to $1.4 billion per year by 2017-18, but drop slightly in later years. Of the more than $1 billion a year tax increase, 80 percent of the tax would supposedly go to the state’s health care programs, enough to keep doctors from losing money every time they see a Medi-Cal patient.

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John Wayne Promotes Camel Cigarettes – 1952

John Wayne Promotes Camel Cigarettes – 1952

John Wayne, was an American film actor, director, and producer. An Academy Award-winner, Wayne was among the top box office draws for three decades. An enduring American icon, for several generations of Americans he epitomized rugged masculinity and is famous for his demeanor, including his distinctive calm voice, walk, and height.

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e-cig vapor

Are e-cigs safer than cigarettes?

With the increasing use of e-cigs, the question for many is, “Are e-cigs safer than cigarettes?”

With over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 carcinogenic compounds, cigarette smoking has been taking a back seat to e-cigs lately. However, after accounting for what could be hiding in eLiquid — the fluid responsible for the nicotine solution and flavoring found in e-cigs, many questions still abound.

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Smoking Banned at Outdoor Beach

Anti-smokers have longed complained about dealing with second hand smoke in enclosed areas. As their momentum has picked up, they are now targeting smokers who choose to light up out of doors. promised landA lot of people heading to Pennsylvania state park beaches to cool off are finding some of them are smoke-free including Promised Land State Park in Pike County and Locust Lake State Park in Schuylkill County.

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California Bill Would Ban Smoking in Apartments, Condos

California Bill Would Ban Smoking in Apartments, Condos

It’s move-in day. You’re sitting in the great new condo you just bought. And suddenly you catch a whiff of cigarettes coming from next door. If you’re a healthy-living type, your home-buyer happiness may be gone in a puff of smoke.

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Learn How To Follow The Smoking Laws

Learn How To Follow The Smoking Laws

Smoking laws have changed and been updated over the years to put an unjust burden on business owners. If you are opening up a business you more than anyone needs to be aware of the different laws including those involving smoking.

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