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FDA Declares War on Vaping

The FDA has decided to enforce unfair regulations on vaping gear which will, in turn, affect the industry as a whole.

While it may be necessary to regulate electronic cigarettes to guarantee user’s safety, however, the upcoming FDA regulations are wildly disproportionate to the need to keep users safe and are abusive to the industry.

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Are e-cigs safer than cigarettes?

With the increasing use of e-cigs, the question for many is, “Are e-cigs safer than cigarettes?”

With over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 carcinogenic compounds, cigarette smoking has been taking a back seat to e-cigs lately. However, after accounting for what could be hiding in eLiquid — the fluid responsible for the nicotine solution and flavoring found in e-cigs, many questions still abound.

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Bill to Regulate Tobacco Moves Forward

Bill to Regulate Tobacco Moves Forward

The FDA is already in crisis and overburdened. Its own scientific advisers say that the Agency can’t fulfill its mission to protect our nation’s health, food supply, medicines and medical devices. Now, Congress wants to add new taxes and fees of more than $7 billion to fund new FDA tobacco regulations when numerous other federal and state agencies are already working to reduce tobacco use.

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Please Don’t Poop in My Salad

Please Don’t Poop in My Salad

In July 2006, The Heartland Institute published Please Don’t Poop in My Salad–a collection of essays and presentations written by Heartland President Joseph Bast during the past several years concerning taxes and regulations imposed on tobacco and its consumers.

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