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SKU-1365 Honeywell Replacement Filter: HRF-F1 from Air Purifiers  sku

Honeywell Replacement Filter: HRF-F1 - 1365 by Honeywell

Item description: This Purifiers Air-Filter product is by Honeywell - Certain Models use one or two Universal Replacement Filters - Purchase the number of filters according to the table below: Air Purifier Model: (Number of HRF-F1 filters) 11520 (2 HRF-F1 filters) 12520 (2 HRF-F1 filters) 13520 (3 HRF-F1 filters) 17200 (2 HRF-F1 filters) 17400 (2 HRF-F1 filters) 18150 (2 HRF-F1 filters) 50150 (2 HRF-F1 filters) 50200 (2 HRF-F1 filters) 50250 (3 HRF-F1 filters) 50300 (4 HRF-F1 filters) Stack multiple filters for larger models. Note: The Universal Replacement HEPA filter may be a different height than the previous air filter in your air purifier and may require more than one replacement filter to achieve the correct height.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Category: Air-Filter


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