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SKU-467 AllerAir Carbon Test Kit for MCS Sufferers from Air Purifiers  sku

AllerAir Carbon Test Kit for MCS Sufferers - 467 by AllerAir

Item description: This Purifiers Monitors and Test Kits product is by AllerAir - The MCS series of air purifiers has been specially designed to help those suffering with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. An added feature that is shared by all the air purification systems in this series is the test kit that allows each MCS sufferer to customize their unit with up to five different blends of activated carbon, to best suit their unique sensitivities. This customization feature has become a point of distinction for this series, and has proven to provide unmatched relief to MCS customers who have found relief with these air purifiers, where other units have failed.... Learn More

Manufacturer: AllerAir

Category: Monitors and Test Kits


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