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SKU-4939 Vornado UV Bulb Tray: MD1-0026 from Air Purifiers  sku

Vornado UV Bulb Tray: MD1-0026 - 4939 by Vornado

Item description: This Purifiers Accessories product is by Vornado - HOW IT WORKSThe UV bulb tray emits UV light to activate the titanium dioxide coating on the silverscreen to break down harmful viruses, bacteria, and gases that HEPA and carbon filters dont capture.FILTER CHANGESThere is no need to clean the UV bulb tray, simply replace once per year! No tools are required to change the UV bulb tray.WHATS IN THE BOX 1 UV Bulb Tray... Learn More

Manufacturer: Vornado

Category: Accessories


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