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Alen Organic Vapor Screen Check Test Kits: ovsctestkits - 846 - Purifiers sku

- 846 by Alen

Item description: This Purifiers Monitors and Test Kits product is by Alen - Do you know for certain your symptoms are related to allergies? Or could it just be your indoor air quality? The EPA has determined that indoor air is 70% more polluted inside than outside. They have also declared that indoor air quality is a serious health hazards to American families. This test kit consists of a simple sticky strip that you use to collect a sample and then mail to the lab. Within 7 to 10 days you will be e-mailed your results in a complete report that includes a list of identified pollutants and their contaminant levels, along with easy to read graphs and pollutant guidelines. This comprehensive report also provides considerations for promoting a healthier home or workplace environment. Find out what's happening in your home, right under your nose. This quick and easy do-it-yourself indoor air quality test strip is a smart and inexpensive way to get all the facts. PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing this air quality test kit includes testing for ORGANIC VAPORS only. If you require testing for any other air quality issue, you must purchase the kit designed to test for that particular concern. Other test kits available include: Allergen, Fiberglass, F.A.S.T., R.A.P.I.D., Dust Mite, Staph, Bacteria, Mold, Fungus and Formaldehyde. Easily monitor your indoor air quality and test for allergens, fiberglass, staph, bacteria, dust mites or formaldehyde with air quality test strips from Alen. Who Should Use Organic Vapor Screen Check? Real Estate Professionals Insurance Claim Adjusters Industrial Hygienists Homeowners HVAC Engineers Building Managers Facility Managers Facility Operators Architects Government Officials Engineers County, City, and State Officials Building Maintenance Supervisors Test and Balance Professionals Educators School and Plant Operators Hospital Engineers Physicians Refunds/replacements are only given on unopened/unused packages.Test kits are shipped via USPS.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Alen

Category: Monitors and Test Kits


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