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SKU-991 Airnamic Silver 1

Airnamic Silver 1" Merv 8 6 pack - 991 by Alen

Item description: This Purifiers Air-Filter product is by Alen - Home air filters are your first line of defense against airborne contaminants that are circulated through your home by your cooling and heating systems. Alen's Airnamic HVAC filters strong sturdy frames house crisp, sharp pleats that give you a low pressure drop for less airflow resistance and greater energy efficiency.Alen Airnamic home filters are available in Merv 8, Merv 11 and Merv 13.Ensure You Order the Correct Size Filter:The home air filters are listed in nominal size which is 1/2" larger than the actual size in height and width. Look at your existing filter, most filters have the size printed on the side, this is the size you should order.If your existing filter has no size printed on it, simply measure the existing filters' width and height. The filter you will want is listed at 1/2" larger in height and width.If you don't have an existing filter, measure the opening for the filter in your air grill space. The nominal sized filter you should order is 1/2" larger in height and width than the air grill space.The nominal filter size measures 1/2" larger in height and width than the air grill filter opening. For example if your air grill opening where the filter goes measures 19 1/2" x 19 1/2" you should order a standard 20"x20" filter.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Alen

Category: Air-Filter


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