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The Best Baby Birth Cigars!

No joy supersedes that of having a baby. A new baby represents the beginning of a new chapter in life and the official benchmark of adulthood. A new baby is a joyous occasion often celebrated with gifts for the mother. But what about the fatherWe believe the best gift to give to a new father is a cigar. In fact, there are cigar lines from numerous premium brands specially made for this occasion, the It’s a Boy, and It’s a Girl lines.Why CigarsThe tradition of gifting cigars to commemorate the bi...

What is plume?

Is it Plume or Mold This is an important question that every cigar enthusiast should be able to answer. Plume and mold represent opposite ends of the spectrum for your cigar. Plume on your stogies is the embodiment of optimal deliciousness while mold may very well mean the end of your precious collection. Have I got your attention now So, first things first…What is PlumePlume, also referred to as Bloom, is a powdery white dust found on the surface of your cigar. Plume forms when a perfectly-aged...

The New Montecristo Nicaragua; What’s the difference?

How do you tweak perfection This had to be the lingering question as Montecristo, and AJ Fernandez contemplated the production of the newest Montecristo line, the Montecristo Nicaragua.Dubbed the brainchild of Abdel Fernandez and Rafael Nodal, the Montecristo Nicaragua is the newest addition to the Montecristo “Core Line” after the White, Classic, Original, and Platinum series’. About Montecristo NicaraguaCigar connoisseurs know that Montecristo cigars need no introduction. Since the releas...

The Hottest New Flavors From Sweet Woods

Sweet Woods LeafThe cigar market is incredibly ripe for lovers of the leaf. Cigar connoisseurs, as well as newbies, are spoilt for choice. Age old brands are keeping the aficionados content with rich, full-bodied cigars that would take a newbie’s head right off. On the other hand, newer brands are churning mild, flavor-filled, mass market cigars to appeal to the newbies and occasional smokers. The demand for cigars is at an all-time high. Cigar companies are enjoying heights of 20 percent increa...

Connecticut...One of the Best Selling Camachos!

CAMACHO CONNECTICUT CIGARS…ONE OF THE BEST SELLING CAMACHOS!Gone are the days when a full-flavored cigar translated to a full-strength cigar. Market demands are gradually changing, especially in the stogie world.As cigars steadily creep into the mainstream market, cigar makers are in turn continually upping the ante in innovation and craftsmanship to appeal not only to cigar aficionados, but also cigar newbies. Top among the companies that flawlessly blend timeless legacy with avant-garde ingenu...

?Ashton Aged Maduro Cigars

Trust your tasteCigar aficionados, myself included, are not easy to please. Our palates have had years of seasoning which is why I can easily pick out a well-done cigar from a sea of decent smokes. I believe that a sublime cigar cannot come from a mediocre company. Perfection comes from far more than the need for money; it comes from passion. Nowhere is this more evident than in Ashton Cigars. Ashton Cigars HistoryThe Ashton brand in the cigar world is one of the most acclaimed brands known for ...

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  • Large Candy Stripe Hookah

    Large Candy Stripe Hookah
    Our Large Candy Stripe hookah takes one of our crowd-pleasing designs and turns it into a Full Size Sahara Hookah. With bold candy-striped lines running down th...(more)

    $189.99 More Details
  • Large Tsunami Hookah

    Large Tsunami Hookah
    The charming contours of the sahara dicro dish vase allied with the grandiose sahara stem and matching synthetic leather hoses compose the resplendent treasure ...(more)

    $189.99 More Details
  • Large Nemesis Hookah

    Large Nemesis Hookah
    Astounding contrast between the large Sahara Vase, Sahara Stem, and Velvet Hoses make the Nemesis a sight to behold....(more)

    $189.99 More Details
  • Medium Aqua Hookah

    Medium Aqua Hookah
    With a design reminiscent of an underwater adventure, the new Aqua hookah is peaceful and exotic in its own way. Calming blues with green stripes mimicking soft...(more)

    $139.99 More Details
  • Medium Mirror Hookah

    Medium Mirror Hookah
    The Mirror Hookah comes with a fully reflective, steely blue coating. Made with the intent of turning heads, this attractive hookah is both shiny and functional...(more)

    $139.99 More Details
  • Medium Bubble Hookah

    Medium Bubble Hookah
    With acid etching to achieve the whimsical design, the medium sahara bubble vase comes with synthetic leather hoses and a sahara stem with built-in auto seal....(more)

    $139.99 More Details
  • Medium Filigree Hookah

    Medium Filigree Hookah
    With Acid Etching to create an intricately detailed ethnic design, the filigree vase comes with a sahara stem with built-in auto seal and durable synthetic leat...(more)

    $139.99 More Details
  • Medium Candy Stripe Hookah

    Medium Candy Stripe Hookah
    The smooth candy cane swirls on this hookah spin you down into a fresh, relaxed world. Make every day sweeter than the last. The Sahara Candy Stripe vase is mat...(more)

    $139.99 More Details
  • Medium Cyclone Hookah

    Medium Cyclone Hookah
    A hookah that looks classy no matter where it+óGé¼Gäós put. Sleek lines circle up the vase in a powerful tornado pattern. Smoke with the forces of nature.The Sa...(more)

    $139.99 More Details
  • Small Bubble Hookah

    Small Bubble Hookah
    With acid etching to achieve the whimsical design, the sahara genie vase comes with a synthetic leather genie hose and a sahara genie stem with built-in auto se...(more)

    $89.99 More Details
  • Small Candy Stripe Hookah

    Small Candy Stripe Hookah
    Various colors are blended into a candy stripe swirled design, the sahara genie vase comes with a synthetic leather genie hose and a sahara genie stem with buil...(more)

    $89.99 More Details
  • Small Dicro Hookah

    Small Dicro Hookah
    Undergoing a unique process to achieve the luminous and iridescent quality, the exceptional sahara genie dicro vase comes with a synthetic leather genie hose an...(more)

    $89.99 More Details
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