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Researchers Tell Public that Vaping Causes COPD as Scientific Rigor in Tobacco Control Drops to an All-Time Low

Based on the results of a cross-sectional study showing an association between using e-cigarettes and reporting that one has ever been told they have COPD (chronic obstructive lung disease), a number of researchers have essentially concluded that vaping causes COPD, and one researcher is telling the public that use of e-cigarettes increases ones risk of COPD just like cigarettes.The paper, published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, reports the results of a cross-sectional study based on the 2016 ...

Having Health Insurance Increases Your Risk of a Heart Attack, and Other Cross-Sectional Study Foibles

Later this week, a research study will be presented at the International Stroke Conference in Hawaii that purports to show that vaping increases the risk of heart attacks. In a recent post, I showed that this research is fatally flawed because it violates the basic principle in epidemiology that correlation does not equal causation. The study found a correlation between using e-cigarettes and ever having had a heart attack. The authors conclude that vaping must therefore increase heart attack ri...

Junk Science Exposed: New Study Purports to Show that E-Cigarettes Increase Heart Attack Risk

According to the headline of a UPI news story from last week, vaping has been linked to an increased risk of having a heart attack. This research finding was reported worldwide, including a scary headline in Londons Sunday Express reading: New research claims vaping raises risk of deadly heart attacks and strokes.This finding is profoundly important because if e-cigarette use does indeed increase heart attack risk, then the role of vaping in harm reduction comes into serious question.The news he...

Does the American Lung Association Really Hate Smokers So Much that They Discourage Quit Attempts Using E-Cigarettes Despite New Clinical Trial Evidence of their Superiority to NRT?

On Wednesday, the New England Journal of Medicine published a new study that reported the results of a one-year randomized, clinical trial in which e-cigarettes were compared to nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to aid smoking cessation. The study was conducted in the UK, and both treatments were accompanied by behavioral counseling. The result: The 1-year abstinence rate was 18.0% in the e-cigarette group, as compared with 9.9% in the nicotine-replacement group (relative risk, 1.83; 95% conf...

"Truth" Campaign to Kids: Better to Smoke 19 Cigarettes than to Vape One Juul Pod

And this Truth Campaign Fact Isnt Even True One of the oft-repeated facts being disseminated by the truth campaign is that one Juul pod is equal to 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine.More specifically, the truth campaign claims, as its #1 most important fact about Juul that: The amount of nicotine in one JUUL cartridge is roughly equal to the amount of nicotine in a pack of cigarettes.Joining the truth campaign in spreading this factual information is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ...

Will Marijuana Become the Next Juul?

Yesterday, the first recreational marijuana facility opened in Massachusetts. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out its menu of offerings. Although I thought that this ballot initiative was all about allowing adults to use marijuana for recreational purposes, I was surprised to find a menu that is certain to appeal to youth.The Rest of the StoryHere are some menu items - tell me that they are not going to be appealing to teenagers:Strawberry-flavored chewy bitesLarge, citrus gummy bearsDelect...

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