Smoking Issues

The ongoing anti-smoking campaign is not about public health, drug abuse, or teen smoking.

What it is all about is money, control, and jurisdiction.

001_31.jpgWe have witnessed in the past few years one of the largest public health propaganda campaigns waged against the legal tobacco industry and cigarette smokers designed to do one thing – to line the pockets of federal and state governments,  trial lawyers, insurance companies, and many others in the health related professions.

They are simply extorting your money from you through the spreading of fear and in many cases outright lies in exchange for higher taxes, huge legal fees, higher insurance premiums, and higher medical fees.

Not-for-profit public health organizations have their hands out as well, seeing an almost endless supply of money to fund their research grants.

Make no mistake about it — MONEY is the foundational issue. Take money out of the equation and these bleeding heart collectivists will tuck their tails and abandon your children.

While maintaining a facade of private ownership, the government wants the control over every aspect of people’s lives.

The greedy tax-and-spend statists who want to control you and take more of your money are absorbed in convincing you that because of a contrived health problem associated with cigarette smoking and second hand smoke you should willingly give them your money. To bolster their tax-and-spend motives, they fabricated yet another “crisis” in America — a “health care crisis” and say tax increases are necessary “to protect the children.”

Authoritarian and totalitarian regimes – be they fascist or communist in nature – have always sought to destroy the traditional family unit by severing the bonds between parents and their children, thereby increasing the power of the government.  Make no mistake about it… your children are in the crosshairs once again in America and around the world.

Adolph Hitler understood that if he were to control the German people, he had to first control the children. He started by first taking charge of the children and educating them to follow his racist view and teaching them that it was ok to kill and torture Jews, and anyone that shared different ideals. Before it was over, Hitler’s youth were even turning in their parents if they disagreed with the government’s distorted values.

Today, the target of the American socialist social engineers agenda is still children and the intact family is still their greatest enemy. Our kids minds are being filled with every imaginable distortion of reality by the media, the NEA led public school system, tax funded healthcare organizations, and others who share the nefarious agenda.  It’s not too far off before “child welfare” officials will find the legal precedent to remove children from their homes if their parents are smokers.